Location: Sporthal de Hilt
24 February 2019


Event date: 24-02-2019
       Event start: 10:00
       Location open: 09:45

Today you can absorb knowledge of three famous clinicians for a whole day. A unique opportunity to get a lot of new inspiration in one day!

Rob Balfoort will work with you to search for Quality of Sound and Style. Rob is arranger (, conductor at several renowned companies and, of course, for many years juror at CGN Indoor Winds. In his own style, he combines theory and practice in clinics that are invariably described by participants as fun and educational.

There is also a lot to learn for colorguard staff and members, because Adam Sage will give several sessions. In the morning Adam gives a practice workshop Flag, in which everyone can take part, but in which work will be done at A Class level. You will learn about good warm-up techniques, but also how to study a flag piece and then perform it as expressively as possible!
In the afternoon there is a session about Production Value. With instructors Adam goes to work with this important part of the GE-caption. How do you really get a theme into more places and more layers in your design?

In an interactive session, Giff Howarth discusses the effective use of your CGN manual during Program Design, Rehearsal and Competition.
On the basis of various recordings of IPC performances, Giff will inspire us how the captions and criteria within the CGN manual can be applied during your design, rehearsals, and in competition. It will be a session based on our CGN manual and very interactive by analyzing various performances together, to conclude and to gain inspiration.

This is the program per clinician:

Adam Sage:

10:00 - 12:30 Practice session - A class level members and staff.

13:30 - 15:30 Theory session - Production value

Rob Balfoort:

10:00 - 14:00 Practice session - Quality of Sound & Styles.

Gifford Howarth:

14:00 - 16:30 Interactive session: Programming for A and Open Class Percussion

Important: If you come to a practice session, bring your equipment / instrument and take care of the good clothing and suitable footwear for a gym!

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