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You are on the website of CGN ( The CGN website and applications on this website (hereinafter referred to as application) make use of so-called cookies. The cookie settings apply to all domains of CGN. In so far as personal data is collected using cookies, that data is processed and protected in accordance with the provisions in the Privacy Statement and this cookie statement.

What are cookies?

Cookies are (small) text files that are stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or (other) mobile device. The information thus saved can sent back to the servers on a subsequent visit to the website. The term cookies is also understood to mean local storage and comparable technologies. Cookies are used to facilitate the functionality of the website, to improve the performance and user experience and to increase the relevance of that which is offered on this website and on websites of third parties by tailoring this to your interests and preferences.

Why do we use cookies?

Below you will find the types of cookies that CGN uses or may use. It is important to know that there are three reasons for using cookies. Firstly, cookies are necessary so that our website can function optimally. Secondly, cookies are used to collect (anonymised) statistics about out website. Finally, we place tracking cookies for marketing purposes.

Which cookies do we use?

Cookies may and will be placed by CGN and by other parties with which or with whom CGN cooperates. Furthermore, CGN makes use of the following cookies:

Functional cookies or session cookies. With the aid of a session cookie, it is possible to see which parts of the website have been viewed during this visit, so that the website can function properly. The service can therefore be adapted as much as possible to the surfing behaviour of visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as the web browser is closed. These cookies do not or only slightly infringe upon your personal privacy.

Functional cookies also include permanent cookies and local storage. With the aid of a permanent cookie, you will be recognised as a visitor upon a subsequent visit to the website. The website can therefore be specially adjusted to preferences. Cookies also enable us to remember that you have given us permission as a user to place cookies. This means that you do not have to keep repeating your preferences, as a result of which you can make easier use of our website and you will save time. You can delete such permanent cookies via the browser settings. Finally, local storage is also used in the browser to store data temporarily. The benefit of this is that pages can be displayed more quickly, it is possible to see whether a user is logged in, and after the user’s session has finished the same page can be displayed to the user again upon logging in. This information may include the name of the user.

Analytical cookies. The use of the website can be analysed through these cookies, so that the quality and/or the effectiveness of the website can be improved. CGN works or may work with Google Analytics. CGN, the web builders and the (external and internal) online marketing parties who carry out assignments/activities on the instructions of CGN therefore necessarily have access to the data collected in Google Analytics. For example, we measure how many visitors visit the website, at which time the website and web pages are visited, from which region the internet user visits the website, which pages are visited (how long and how often) and in which order, and/or if there were error messages. All this collected data is used to tailor the content of the application optimally to the desires and needs of the visitors.

In order to get an idea of how the collected data is used, an example of the software can be viewed on the website of Google. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or in so far as third parties process information on behalf of Google. CGN has no influence on this. Google is permitted to use the analytics information obtained for other Google services.

Marketing cookies or tracking cookies. These are used to collect data about surfing behaviour, so that a profile can be built. Data that is collected includes web pages visited, IP addresses, cookie content and referral URLs. The profile created about you is not linked to a name, address or email address. Among other things, on our website we make use of Hotjar, a party that places tracking cookies. Hotjar is used to analyse the behaviour of website users, the aim being to keep improving the website and content. The details of the different cookies that begin with __hj are explained on this web page of Hotjar.

Tracking cookies also include social media cookie plugins. Buttons are included on our website in order to be able to promote and share web pages on social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Cookies are also placed via these buttons. These buttons make it possible for a social media user to share (sections of) web pages with that social media network. In addition, social media cookies can be used to link profiles to a registration on the site. When registering, it is possible that an online profile will be linked to data that is (or may be) known already to CGN. The buttons use a piece of code that comes from the social network itself, over which CGN has no influence.

Furthermore, the information collected from the cookies placed is anonymised (as much as possible).

Longevity of cookies

The cookies that we place and over which we have an influence have an expiry date. This entails that cookies will automatically expire after a specific period and will no longer register any data. The expiry date of the cookies will be extended with each visit to our website. The period that we apply is dependent on the type of cookie, but is no more than two years. We have no influence over the expiry date of the cookies that are placed by third parties (such as Facebook, Google, Hotjar, Intercom etc.).

Third parties

Our website contains links and buttons to third party websites and other applications. This includes the network services Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google(+). At the moment that you make use of and/or click on such a link or button, you will leave CGN’s website or you will open an application on CGN’s website and you will give permission for the placement and use of cookies by these third parties. Please note that CGN has no control over the cookies that are placed on these websites and CGN therefore advises you to consult the privacy statement and/or cookie statement of the website/service/provider concerned for information. The information collected by these parties will be anonymised (as much as possible). These third parties are responsible for the information that is recorded via cookies.

The information that Google collects is also anonymised as much as possible. As far as Google and Facebook are concerned, the information is transferred to Google and Facebook and stored by them on servers in the United States. Google and Facebook state that they comply with the Privacy Shield Principles (formerly the Safe Harbour list). This entails that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.


The website is built on the basis of all recent versions of the browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. The design and operation of the website may differ if use is made of older versions of these browsers.


By means of the cookie banner, you have given consent for the placement of cookies by CGN. You may, of course, influence the way in which cookies are placed. For example, you can delete cookies placed via the browser and disable the acceptance of (specific) new cookies. By deleting or disabling cookies, it is possible that parts of our website no longer work (such as automatic login), are no longer visible or accessible, or are displayed incorrectly. You will also make it more difficult for us to improve our website, tailor the website to your wishes and improve our services.

You can make use of the information about cookies and online privacy and the possibilities for organising your cookie settings via, for example, In addition, you can set up your browsers on all your devices in such a way that you will no longer receive any cookies upon subsequent visits to our websites. For instructions about the way in which this can be set up, please refer to the help function of your internet browser.


This cookie statement may be amended by us without prior notice. The amended version will show the date on which the last amendment was implemented. We advise you to regularly reread our cookie statement so that you are aware of any amendments. The most up-to-date version can always be inspected on CGN’s website.


If you have any questions about our cookie statement, please send them to

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PMD Consulting group

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Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie

CGN staat bekend om haar pioniersmentaliteit zowel op artistiek gebied maar ook op het gebied van ondersteuning aan de activiteit. Al vanaf het begin investeert CGN in zoveel digitalisering van haar ondersteuning en haar processen. In de periode 2021-2024 heeft CGN een ambitieus investeringsplan opgesteld waarbij er verder wordt geïnvesteerd in o.a. een platform voor online educatie en competitie, aanschaf van 20 nieuwe generatie tablets ter verdere professionalisering van de juryteams, aanschaf van een aantal laptops, vervanging van het reeds 10 jaar oude intranet en de aanschaf van software voor de bedrijfsvoering en organisatie van evenementen. Deze professionaliseringsslag zou zonder de bijdrage van het Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie onmogelijk zijn.

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Muziekorganisatie Noord Holland/Utrecht

De muziekorganisatie Noord Holland/Utrecht is de organisatie die belangen behartigd van de in deze twee provincies gevestigde muziekverenigingen, majorette/twirlgroepen en Color Guards. De MNHU is partner van CGN op het gebied van organisatie en educatie

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De doelgroep Show Mars en Percussie (SMP) van de KNMO werkt al jaren samen met CGN op het gebied van voorlichting en educatie.

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Stichting WMC Kerkrade is verantwoordelijk voor de organisatie van o.a. het WERELD MUZIEK CONCOURS (WMC) en BLOW! by WMC. Zij is partner op het gebied van educatie

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Guard Gear UK

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Tim Toms

De drumwinkel van Hans Tims. Tim Toms is al jarenlang trouwe sponsor van CGN en is te zien op bijna alle CGN evenementen met zijn stand. Niets is te gek voor Hans.

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