Dedication Award: Jelle Roeper

Published on 28-03-2023 in Dedication Award

Dedication Award: Jelle Roeper

At the CGN Championships 2023 in Eindhoven, CGN presented the Dedication Award to Jelle Roeper. Jelle is project leader and driving force behind making music and dance associations inclusive.

May 2017: the first discussions with the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Care Foundation with the following commitment: We have such a great activity that we believe that everyone should be able to do this, including people with special needs. But more than that: how cool it would be if they could experience what we as members of our associations also experience, namely: belonging. The association as a meeting place for your social contacts. Participating in the annual concert, the Christmas party, public performances, making music or dancing together every week. With this, we as CGN want to actively contribute to Inclusivity at the music and dance associations. Philadelphia really wanted to support this goal and wanted to try it out in a pilot project: Phila Slag&Vlag was born with this. But who lead this project?

Summer 2017: meeting with Jelle Roeper for coffee. Could we make Jelle enthusiastic to take on this as a project. It took little effort, Jelle immediately said yes and got to work.

In January 2018 the first rehearsals of the Phila Slag and Phila Vlag project group started with a great group of people led by Jelle. March 2018 Leeuwarden: The first public appearance as a tryout of Phila Slag & Vlag. Two weeks later the biggest performance at the CGN Championships in Eindhoven. This performance is still on the retina of everyone who was there then. From that moment on Phila Slag&Vlag was a part of CGN. At the same time, this group was embraced within the Advendo association from Sneek and the pilot project was completed. This was continued in the Music Unlimited project with the same goal but now bigger. Jelle was also the project leader there.

March 2023: The project that started as Phila Slag&Vlag in 2018 and continued as Music Unlimited ended on March 1. last. We can look back on a great result. At the moment, almost 30 music and dance associations have become inclusive through the project. It is a movement that can no longer simply be stopped and we do not want to stop it. There is still a lot to do, but we must not forget what has been achieved. Many volunteers contributed to this success, but this would not have been possible without the unbridled efforts of that one man who said yes to this project on a sunny afternoon in 2017: Jelle Roeper.

The CGN Board has therefore decided that Jelle will receive the CGN Dedication Award this year that is what Jelle is and radiates: Committed to making the Dutch music and dance associations inclusive. That is why the CGN Dedication Award 2023 is for Jelle Roeper.

CGN thanks you for your enormous dedication to making our music and dance associations inclusive.

(photo by Fotograaf Marjolein)

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