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UPDATE: Championships 2020 in Eindhoven for everyone

Published on 17-10-2019 in Seizoen 2020

UPDATE: Championships 2020 in Eindhoven for everyone

The Championships for the Colorguard Kids and Cadet Class groups will still be in Eindhoven in 2020. The plan to give them their own Championships in Leeuwarden is off for the upcoming season.

Many groups were surprised by the decision and decision making process. In addition, it was also communicated late, which posed quite a few practical problems for groups. The CGN Board listened to the groups and decided to revoke the decision for 2020.

"In the coming period, we will focus on a scenario in which it fits within the available time," Niels Merkx says, who has been making the time schedules for years. "But the organizational elements must also be met in one way or another."
CGN also sees a number of practical challenges there. Vera van den Meiracker explains that there is not only a full timetable. "It also means that we have to place even more groups in dressing rooms, warming up areas, and so on."

The growth of CGN therefore has consequences not only for the time schedule, but also for the facilities. There will be challenges, with so many people at the same time in and around the Sportcentrum and the Hogeschool.

"At this moment it is impossible to say what the day will look like and who has his Prelims or Championships where and when," both of them continue to explain. "Also because not all groups have registered yet at this time."

The groups have received an e-mail with an explanation of how they can still register.

Niels hopes that it is clear to everyone that this decision says nothing about the structure of the CGN Championships after 2020. "Because of the growth, things will no longer fit in the future the way they did in the past years." All scenarios are open again and the groups will certainly be involved. Moreover, the decision will also be communicated much earlier.
"Those are lessons that we have learned from this."

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